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Dr. Lauren Barkley

Dr. Lauren Barkley is a veterinarian in Riverside County who takes joy in being able to give a voice and listen to her sick patients, helping sick pets to recover to their normal selves again.

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Dr. Lauren Barkley, Riverside County Veterinarian

Dr. Barkley

Dr. Barkley is a Southern California native, growing up in the foothills of Rancho Cucamonga. Her college education took her to world-renowned coastal California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo for undergraduate and ultimately to Western University of Health Services for her veterinary studies.

Her greatest joy is being able to give a voice to sick patients by listening to their symptoms and signs, solving the problems of puppies and kittens and other precious animals – even though they cannot speak for themselves.

Outside of her daily work caring for animals, Dr. Lauren Barkley spends time with family – including her children and pets (one being a rescue from Banning Vet).

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